Enfusion Rev 3.0

By Mike LNg

Enfusion coaches

After two successful seasons It’s Showtime’s Enfusion reality TV show is set to return for a 3rd season that is at the time of this writing most likely fully wrapped up. EnFusion helped expose such international fighters as Cosmo Alexandre of Brazil to an even larger audience.

From the photo above you can see some of the coaches.  Most notable to me was Julie Kitchen who is a very decorated fighter from the UK and is being looked at by most fans as the next logical fight for WBC Muay Thai champion Miriam Nakamoto of the United States.

Enfusion’s next installment, titled “Quest for Honor”, will focus on the 95 kg weight limit. The basic press release for Enfusion is as follows:

Once again Enfusion has set about the task of searching for the best up and coming top athletes from various countries. Talent from around the globe will demonstrate their skills to the world to show their level of skill and dedication to our sport!. These athletes will meet in the proving grounds of Superpro Samui training camp in Koh Samui Thailand, where they will be tested and eliminated until four end up in the finals of Enfusion’s Quest for Honor. Spectators and fans alike will be in for a real treat as the 95 kilo max division is rarely focused on. Therefore our selected athletes will be out to prove to the world the action, drama and excitement which comes in this competitive weight class. This show will be among the best you will ever see.

The show will be recorded in January 2011.

These are the selected coutries:

1. Armenia 2. turkey 3. Czech republic 4. Finland 5. Australia 6.Congo 7.Poland 8.Surinam

9. Holland 10. USA 11. Belgium 12.France 13.Lituania 14. Canada 15 Russia 16 Mexico

17. Indonesia

It’s interesting to see Enfusion continuing despite It’s Showtime encountering difficulties with their scheduled May show due to an apparent lack of talent and promotional support with Japan’s  K-1 brand. While there is no Muay Thai bouts the show will take place in Superpro gym in Koh Samui and fights will largely be conducted under modified Muay Thai rules very similar to K-1’s own rules.

~ by fatsoking on February 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Enfusion Rev 3.0”

  1. Any news on where to download or stream series 2 from? i watched the first two episodes when you posted links on here,but i never found links for the rest of the series.

  2. I don’t think it’s accurate to say there was a lack of talent that led to It’s Showtime canceling that show. They planned a co-promotion with K-1, then at the last minute K-1 backed out because K-1 is desperately trying to not close their own doors. It’s Showtime is actually doing great, constantly expanding and getting ready for their biggest year ever.

    By the way – long-time reader, but this is my first post, so let me add that this is a great site – keep up the good work!

    • It’s Showtime while expanding or rather changing venues and holding more events is still imo struggling with now a few years absent Eurosport broadcast deal and some significant competition appearing on the horizon in addition to Holland officials looking hard and possibly shutting down wholly some kickboxing due to organized crime activities surrounding it. I’ll probably go more into detail later on this very topic.

      Thanks also for the kind words!

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