Jean Charles Skarbowsky Vs Kunsuk Petchsupapan

By Mike LNg

Jean Charles Skarbowsky, one of France’s modern legends of Muay Thai

One of France’s modern Muay Thai legends faces off against Thailand’s Kunsuk Petsupapan who fought many high level opponents in Thailand including Naruepon Fairtex. This match was part of the A division lineup leading to the S-1 2004 championship bout promoted by One Songchai in Thailand. The weight limit for this event was 71 kg.

~ by fatsoking on February 10, 2011.

One Response to “Jean Charles Skarbowsky Vs Kunsuk Petchsupapan”

  1. JCS-

    Is scary… he’s agressive and he really looks like he can put his hands on you. Got a chance to meet him a couple a year ago. Dude is just like an old school retired nak muay!

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