Battle in the Desert Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Battle in the Desert

The Inaugural event for Lion Fight, Battle in the Desert is complete and the results are in.

Michael Mananquil def. Malaipet via Unanimous Decision to win WMC Welterweight Title
Sittisak Por Sirichai def. Kevin Ross via Split Decision
Coke Chunhawat def. Scotty Leffler via TKO round 2
Remy Bonnel def. Singsiri Por Sirichai via TKO round 3
Chaz Mulkey def. Douglas Edwards via TKO (Knee) round 2
Amy Davis def. Emily Bearden via Unanimous Decision
Brandon Banda def. Shawn Yarborough via Unanimous Decision
Anthony Castrejon def. Jason Andrada via KO (Head Kick) round 1
Miranda Cayabyab def. Genesis Bravo via Unanimous Decision
Jason Cauldwell def. Josh Shepard via TKO round. 2
Patti Teran def. Pixie O’Rielly via Split Decision
Josh Pickthall def. Jason Park via Unanimous Decision

~ by fatsoking on February 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Battle in the Desert Quick Results”

  1. damn. good for mike. i would like to have seen every single one of these fights. i hope they get thrown up on youtube soon.

  2. Well no offense to either Michael or Malaipet but how this was a title match escapes me since Eakpracha Meenayothin is the current WMC World Welterweight Champion. He won this title in December, 2010.

    But I am sure the WMC per typical of Herr Fox and Tapsuwan will continue awarding the exact same title over and over again with out anyone ever defending it.

    I am hearing also from multiple people in attendance that security was basically aggressive and rude including to local UFC celebrities like Forrest Griffon.

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