Les Rois Du Ring Quick Results 2-12-2011

By Mike LNg

Les Rois Du Ring III

By all appearances Les Rois Du Ring III was a more than reasonable success with a well attended and well organized fight gala that delivered mostly on its expectations.  I am still gathering results but some of them are now known. Co-sponsored by Hennion gym the event in Loudres featured Italy based former Lumpinee champion Sak Kaoponlek. The known results are as follows:

Karim Souda defeats Mike Schmidt on the points after a very high paced fight that  apparently maintained its pace from start to finish.

Sak Kaponglek defeats Elias Aharram on a reportedly very wide points victory.  It was also noted that Kaoponlek was merciful to Aharram when he had him in some danger.

Lain-Zinedine Hameur defeats Sinistra Frederic by TKO stoppage. The referee called a halt to the action after a front kick from Hameur broke Sinistra’s nose in about 30 seconds into the first round.

I will continue to update news of the results as I receive them.

~ by fatsoking on February 13, 2011.

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