Journey Fight Series Round 1 Results: Sugar Cane Coke Advances

By Mike LNg

Journey Fight

The Journey Fight Series 140lb 8-man tournament completed last night at The Century Casino in Calgary, Canada. The Journey Fight series is the work of new promoter Trevor Smandych.  By all appearances the event lived up to its expectations and is well on its way to becoming an event people will continue to talk about. Especially with 2 more parts forth coming in this ambitious tournament.

The advancing fighters to the second leg of the tournament were an even mix of Canadian and American talent.

Siam Number One’s Matt Embree of Toronto, Sugar Cane Coke Chunhawat of Oakland, Josh Palmer of Halifax, and Pennsylvania’s  Justin Greskiewitz made it into the 2nd stage of Journey Fight.

The results are as follows:

Josh Palmer wins vs. Mark DeLuca

Justin Greskiewicz wins vs. Nate Smandych

Matt Embree wins vs. Rami Ibrahim

Coke Chunhawat wins via stoppage vs. Parwez Ghulam in 3rd round.

The second round of the tournament on June 11th, 2011 could be interesting as Coke Chunhawat will be matched against previous opponent Matt Embree.  Justin Greskiewitz will in turn fight John Palmer. Speculatively, Coke will likely want to assert his will and continue on something of a stoppage streak that he has been on lately having now stopped 2 opponents in a row.  The first opponent being Battle of the Desert opponent Scotty Leffler.

I cannot help but continue to be impressed with the ambitiousness of this promotion and how Trevor seems to have a inherently good sense of good matchups and how a meaningful card like this helps Muay Thai as a whole on this continent.

~ by fatsoking on March 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Journey Fight Series Round 1 Results: Sugar Cane Coke Advances”

  1. This was an excellent card set up by Trevor. Thank you for all the hard work getting this off the ground. Congrats to the winners and participants! Chok dii Justin and Coke in the next round!

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