Xplosion Aftershock Quick Results

By  Mike LNg

Xplosion 2

The Xplosion 2 Aftershock card wrapped up on Saturday the 5th of March, 2011 and some of the results have already been reported. Kieran Keddle emerged victorious in his fight against Francois “Karlito” Charles of France.  With this win Keddle adds more championship gold with the IKF Muay Thai world championship  being added among his accomplishments.

The results of the Saturday night card known so far to me are as follow:

IKF World 67kg Title 5X3 A Class

Kieran Keddle (Semtex gym, UK) wins vs. Francois “Karlito” Charles (France)

UKMF British Title 82kg 5X3 A CLASS

Ritchie Hocking(POS/Scotland) wins vs. Erik Lloyd (Semtex, UK)

International B Class 5X2
Charlie Peters (Semtex, UK) wins by stoppage vs. Alex Bublea (Minotaurs, Romania)

UKMF English Title Defense 69,9KG 5X2 B CLASS
Chris Bray(Semtex) wins vs. Stuart Barlegs (Bangkok Fighetrs)

Sophie Hawkswell (Pegasus) wins vs. Hayleigh Jane Clarkson (Semtex)

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