Oktagon 2011 Results

By Mike LNg

Oktagon 2011

Oktagon 2011 has wrapped up and the results are in and hopefully the full event will be at some point replayed on http://www.livefightcode.tv/page/FullFights. The big name filled card was as exciting on paper as it was to view live via stream. Cosmo Alexandre Vs. Giorgio Petrosyan was close but Petrosyan did enough to win under modified Muay Thai rules but speculatively had this been a Muay Thai match the outcome could have been a different result.

The bout between K-1 MAX standout Yoshihiro Sato and Giorgio Petrosyan’s brother Armen was a closely matched fight.  Armen Petrosyan produces a narrow win on points and shows much of the good timing and precision that has become a defining style for both Petrosyan brothers.

The results are as follows:

Giorgio Petrosyan wins vs. Cosmo Alexandre on points

Armen Petrosyan wins vs. Yoshiro Sato points

Andrei Kulebins win vs Angelo Campoli in rd4 via Doctor Stoppage

In the Fight Code tournament at 71 kg

Dzhabar Azkerov win his bout with a KO in the first round.
Sudsakorn Klinmee and Bruno Franchi win on points.
Both are qualified for quarter finals with Abdallah Mabel and Armen Petrosyan.

~ by fatsoking on March 13, 2011.

10 Responses to “Oktagon 2011 Results”

  1. what happened to fabio?

  2. I’m not sure if the rules were different if the bout would’ve gone for Cosmo, either. The sweeps Cosmo did weren’t legal under the ruleset, hence why he wasn’t throwing them at will. If the rules were different the fight would have been different.

  3. u aint heard? dude got injured.

    that was a quick ending to an almost guaranteed “EPIC” fight

  4. how the hell you gonna stop a fight for a lil cut on the side of the head?(The Kulebin fight)

  5. GREAT commentary by Sandy Holt, he he. 🙂

  6. You mean the change of commentator?


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