Journey Fight Series 8 Card updates

By Mike LNg

Journey Fight Series 8

In addition to the main card the Journey Fight Series 8 event has been updated with matches from the amateur under card. I have always been personally impressed with how well developed amateur fighters in Canada have been. The maturity in their style and tactical smarts betrays a deeper fight record than what may first be apparent. For the professional fighters, I have a more thorough breakdown of the participants here.

Adding to what looks like will become an action packed full rules Muay Thai tournament, Trevor Smandych may well have on his card the future of Canadian Muay Thai. I said the same thing ages ago to a friend when I watched Preston, Shane and the rest of the professional fighters coming up as young amateur fighters. I think I’m right here too.

5x3min Professional Full Muay Thai

160lbs 8-man Tournament Semi-final match

Shane Campbell (Edmonton, AB) vs. Troy Sheridan (Toronto,ON)

5x3min Professional Full Muay Thai

160lbs 8-man Tournament Semi-final match

Sean McKinnon (Calgary, AB) vs. Preston Baptiste(Toronto,ON)

5x3min Professional Full Muay Thai 140lbs

Nasty’ Nate Smandych (Team Smandych) vs. Sean Kearney (Iron City Muay Thai)

5x2min Amateur Full Muay Thai 165lbs

Derek Jolivette (ArashiDo, Edmonton) vs. Derek Deanda(Elite Muay Thai, Daytona Beach)

5x2min Amateur Full Muay Thai 118lbs

Melissa Reaume (Team Smandych, Calgary) vs. Amy Reid(Evolution, Mississauga)

3x2min Modified Muay Thai 135lbs

Janice Macaulay (Team Smandych, Calgary) Vs. Hope Weeks(Elite Muay Thai, Daytona Beach)

3x2min Modified Muay Thai 147lbs

Zach Darling (WTM, Calgary) Vs. Minh Pham (Frank Lee’s, Edmoton)

3x2min Modified Muay Thai 154lbs

Sterling Love (WTM, Calgary) Vs. Jimmy Maxwell (ArashiDo, Edmonton)

3x2min Modified Muay Thai 130lbs

Matt Nolan (Team Lion’s Den/Herceg, Calgary) Vs. Javier Ortega (Bellegarde’s, Airdrie)

Ticket information is available on the official Journey Fight web site.

Also be sure to checkout Journey Fight’s youtube channel full of fight clips from their past events.  There are some pretty entertaining scraps on there that left me entertained for a long time.

~ by fatsoking on October 19, 2012.

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