Muay Thai Warriors November 4th, 2012 Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai Warriors returned on Sunday the 4th of November with a live broadcast that was disjointed and actually aired very little of the fights. Dates and times weren’t really settled upon until the last moment.  The following are the results that I know of.  I will update this post as I learn more of the results myself.

Rungravee Sasiprapa defeats Juan Mario Kaewsamrit by unanimous decision  at 60kg and wins the World Professional Muaythai Federation lightweight championship.

Superbon Suppachai Lukchaomaesaiwaree  defeats  Umar Semata at 66kg by unanimous decision. Apparently, Umar was never fully in the fight and it showed as Suberbon had an easy time of outpointing Umar.

Khim Di Ma defeats Steeve “French Diamond” Archaumbault  at 60kg by unanimous decision. It appears that much of the broadcast was devoted to basically publicity and not so much to the fights.  As a result most of the card never made it to broadcast either to a shortage of purchased time or that same time being devoted to something else. It seems some logistic issues and broadcast choices weren’t fully sorted out ahead of time.

To me, the fights people would want to see would be a Thailand Vs. Cambodia card. The versus concept is a good one and it worked way back in the S-1 2003 tournament where Thailand’s Suriya was matched against Khmer’s Eh Phuthong. The nation versus nation marketing seems to work well to build excitement around cards.

Perhaps, the organizers were already looking forward to their ambitious and big name filled December card already and neglected this particular event a bit.

From the Muay Thai Focus site:

Coming a month after their upcoming show in Cambodia, Muaythai Warriors have put together another solid card for Macau on the 9th of December

The show features several big names and the main fight the third match between Saenchai PkSaenchaimuaythai and England’s Liam Harrison

1: Michael Kiatbusaba vs Teng Sii Chi (China)

2: For Muaythai Warriors Lightweight title

See-Oui Sor Sunantachai vs Stephen Meleady (Ireland)

3: For Muaythai Warriors Super-welterweight title

Bovy Sor Udomson vs Andy Thrasher (England)

4: For WPMF Welterweight title

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Liam Harrison (England)

5: ‘The Alien’ Lakhai Or Boonchuay vs Edu Lafante (Spain)

6: Thanwalek Kilasport vs Leo Monteiro (Brazil)

7: Chusuan Sor Sommai vs Arturo Lin (Spain)

8: Pettarud Kwaithong gym vs Ben (Australia)

At least the China event seems to be coming together quickly and hopefully it is as memorable as the last fight card they held in China.

*Updated results via Thakoon Pongsupha of Sasiprapa gym in Thailand*:

.Rungravee Sasiprapa gym *Thai* Won p Juan Mario *Spain*60 kg.
2.Khim Di Ma *Khmer* won p Steve Claude * France* 60 kg.
3.Superball Lukchaomaesaiwaree *Thai* won p UmarSsemata S.Af 68
4.Sen Bunthen *Khmer* won p .Dmitri Ushkanov
5.Apirak K.T. Gym *Thai* won p.Leonardo Monteiro *Brazil* 65 kg.
6.Sen Rady *Khmer* won p Yusuke Otahara *Japan*54 kg.
7.K Nor.naksin * Thai* lose ko3 Kamen Picken * England* 65 kg.
8.Keo Rumchong *Khmer* won p Victor Nagbe* Australia* 68 kg.
9.Fahpayab Kwaithong gym *Thai* won p.Edu Molina*Spain*
10.Bird Kham *Khmer* won p Gustava Ferreira *Brazil* 70 kg

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