Hayabusa Fight Night 2012

By Mike LNg

Hayabusa Fight Night 2012

I almost missed this but this event is going down today! This is probably the biggest and best event to close out the year in Hong Kong.  Hayabusa Fight Night 2012 has some very big names on their card. Some of the past and current champions to be featured are as follows:

Australia – Aaron Leigh

Thailand – Naruepol Fairtex, Koon Sit, Ekapol, Cheuk Nip Chung

Japan –  Yukiya Nakamura

Hong Kong – Bryan To, Yeung Tak Shing, Ng King Chung, Wong Chung Ho, Tang Chak Ming, Kong Chun Hin, Yeung Wai Yim, Cho Chun Hin, Lam Chun Ching, Chan Shun On

Italy – Soisci Porchetta

Tickets are now available for purchase at HK TICKETING, Tom Lee Music, HAYABUSA HK, TWINSBOXING and major boxing gyms, more than 50% of the tickets are already sold for the first two days

Tickets are available on the ticket website.

~ by fatsoking on November 5, 2012.

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