Muay Thai Comes Together to Help Chris Romulo

By Mike LNg

Hurricane Sandy

Normally, I preface very off topic subjects with a preamble of some sort but today I don’t have any. I will instead say I am moved by how the Muay Thai Community of the USA has come together to help one of their own.  The person in need is Chris Romulo a Muay Thai mainstay of the east coast as both fighter and teacher.  Chris has been a mentor and a life long practitioner of the sport we all love on the East Coast.

I will instead put the press releases of two of East Coast’s helping hands striving to help Chris Romulo out n the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

From John Wolcott producer of acclaimed Muay Thai Journal web series:

ATTENTION: As most of you know we have been hit with a crippling storm on the east coast. Many people have lost their houses, their valuables, their businesses, and some – their lives. One of our own, ex-professional Muaythai fighter Chris Romulo, has lost his gym. Any one familiar with the benefits of Muaythai know that a gym is not just a gym; rather, it’s a place where lives are changed for the…better and new families and bonds are formed. Chris and his wife, Sarah, along with their team, have given the children and teens of Rockaway Beach a place to make something of themselves. They have brought Muaythai to the area by way of smokers, exposing new people to the sport and giving green fighters a place to shake off their nerves.

Along with three others (John Wolcott, Nicko Kostopolous, and Peter Yan), I am part of a nonprofit that helps children through Muaythai. We usually take donations and pay for

at-risk children to train Muaythai at no cost. However, we are going to collect donations for Chris and Sarah Romulo to help them rebuild their gym. You can kindly donate on PayPal at, remarks “Crom Fund”.

The Muaythai Preservation Project is a 501(c)(3) public charity recognized by the IRS. 100 percent of all donations will go directly to Chris and Sarah Romulo.

You can learn more about the nonprofit on the website,

If you know Chris you know his motto, “All it takes is heart”. Now is our chance to show a little bit of heart and help out one of our own. Ultimately, Muaythai is about community and helping the next person. Even the smallest donation could help get things back in order, not just for Chris and Sarah, but for the kids who, having had little else, had that gym as one of their only positive outlets.

And don’t just “Like” this post. Take action.

A big thank you to those who have donated already.

– John Wolcott

From the Promotional team of Take-On.


November 5, 2012 New York,NY: As the Northeast recovers from the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy, TaKe-On Productions will use the November 10thMuay Thai at the Mecca 2 event as a way to help those affected by the storm.

“This is our opportunity to step up! We can use Muay Thai as a way to unite the efforts of our fans, and do what we can to help the people who need assistance the most” stated TaKe-On Productions CEO Mike Gasparski earlier today.

There will be a donation table in the theater lobby at Muay Thai at the Mecca 2, and we encourage our fans to bring articles to help those in need (clothes, food, etc.) to the donation table.

In addition, TaKe-On Productions will hold a 50/50 raffle at the event with all proceeds going to help victims and their families.

Along with the above efforts, TaKe-On will be donating Muay Thai gear to help rebuild CROM Martial Training (Rockaway Beach, NY) which was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. We will also provide free Muay Thai at the Mecca 2 tickets to the residents of Rockaway Beach, and any students of the CROM Martial Training Gym.

Finally, a portion of proceeds from ticket sales made through (just enter the word “donate” in the Company Field) between now and Friday, November 9th will also be donated to help residents of areas most affected by the storm.

“From the beginning, our mission has been to grow the sport of Muay Thai, and to give the fighters who work so hard an opportunity to really shine. Now we have a responsibility to help others on a much larger scale”, added TaKe-On Productions President Eddie Cuello.

If you can donate please do. Thanks to Take-On and John Wolcott’s generous efforts.

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