Yodsanklai Versus Kem in December

By Mike LNg

Yodsanklai Vs. Kem

Yokkao in the preceding days to this announcement promised a big announcement. And boy did they deliver. On December 30th none other than Yodsanklai Fairtex will be matched against Kem Sitsongpeenong. Kem has been on a rocket fast rise to take his place among the elite Thaiboxers of Thailand now fighting internationally.

This next big Muay Thai Combat Mania event will be held at the Pattaya World Boxing Stadium. Yodsanklai is multiple the world title holder at 72kg and 70 kg including WMC, WBC, King’s Cup and picked up the Lumpinee Stadium title at a much smaller 147lbs. He comes with an impressive record of 252 fights with 177 wins. Lately, Yodsanklai for the first time in a long time has shown signs of vulnerability dropping two losses in his last two fights of 2011 against Artur Kyshenko and Prayaksaeng Or at the Toyota Vigo tournament in Thailand. Yodsanklai did rebound with one win against Vladimir Moravacek for the World Muaythai Council’s 72kg title.

Kem Sitsongpeenong is considered among the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand at 70kg with 138 fights (115 wins). He won the Toyota Vigo Tournament on 2012, the WBC World Title 2012, the Thai Fight Tournament on 2011 and many other world titles during his career. Sitsongpeenong’s camp has been vocal in making challenges for Kem against Buakaw and now Yodsanklai. It looks like Sitsongpeenong is about to get their wish granted.

The fight is going to be at a catch weight of sorts at 71kg. What will be interesting to see if Yodsanklai’s apparent vulnerabilities have caught up with him. Though it must be noted Kem has had moments of apparent weakness as well against Davit Kiria at the kickboxing rules event Golden Glory where he was dropped by Kiria and visibly stung.

As the poster art would suggest the supporting undercard is not yet fully fleshed out and it is a mystery on who could be on the card but if it matches Yokkao’s Muay Thai Mania in Riccione, Italy it will be suitably filled with name fighters.

Here’s the best part for those no where near Pattaya (like me) you can still see the event live. The event will be broadcasted on live streaming at www.yokkao.com and www.muaythaicombat.com. It’s hard not to be a fan of Yokkao with so many high quality cards coming from them in rapid succession.

~ by fatsoking on November 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “Yodsanklai Versus Kem in December”

  1. Now I am dying to watch it!

  2. Both Yod and Kem weighed in this morning. Yod was a fraction over so had to spend only a few minutes in the steam room. All is go for tonight, can’t wait!

    Here’s the photos from the weigh in this morning;

  3. See photos from the fight at;

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