Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better

By Mike LNg

Bareknuckle Muay Thai

The allure of bareknuckle Muay Thai continues.  Though truthfully most of the fighters are no where the level of what one might see in the stadiums of Thailand or among fighters fighting internationally it holds interest among people still.

I’ve heard the argument that all things being equal, the bigger fighter will almost always win and that gloves artificially give a defense advantage to the smaller fighter. I might agree with both but the adage that bigger is just better is pretty thoroughly disproven here.

~ by fatsoking on November 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better”

  1. That is Burmese boxing call Lertwei I think. Lots of Thais often compete in these events. No winner unless you win by KO or stoppage.

  2. Oh shit this is like David vs Goalith of Muay Cheaung. Lol.

  3. True Mr.Wong the music should have given that away alone. There is no question too who is the harder kicker!

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