Hearts on Fire Fight Night November 24th

By Mike LNg

Hearts on Fire

Mauro Serra has been busy lately. He’s always fought top level competition whether it was Saiyok Pumpanmuang or Armen Petrosyan.  Not only did he just complete a fight with Buakaw at Thai Fight in Italy but he also assembled a fight card to be held November 24th in Italy. This one will have the main card composed of matches with Full Muay Thai rules and 5 rounds at 3 minutes each, which by my bias is the only way to have a Muay Thai fight. The match making looks good for the first Hearts on Fire promotional effort.

Claudio Amuroso, the winner of the Yokkao One Night tournament on October 28th, 2012 is going to be matched hard against none other than Nopparat Keatkhamtorn a Lumpinee Champion, S-1 Champion and winner of the 5 Star Fried Chicken tournament in Thailand. Claudio is in about as tough of a match as he could hope to have before he returns to action for Yokkao’s Extreme card of 2013.

The rest of the main card is contained in the graphics below. And it’s filled with Italian Champions of Muay Thai.

Alessio Pisano Vs. Alessandro Capurso

Fabrizio Puddu Vs. Angelo Veneiro

Matteo Xaxa Vs. Marco Loi

Stefano Gaspa Vs. Andrea Valleriano

The rest of the supporting under card looks like this so far, with one match remaining to be completed. The under card thus far has these matches:

1) Michael Spiga vs Luca Murgia

2)Nikolas Ferrari vs Massimiliano Casula

3)Manuel Perra vs Gian Felice Piras

4)Fabrizio Fenu vs Simone Orru

5)Francesca Ruzzu vs TBA

6)Federico Mazza vs Nicola Chessa

7)Giacomo Stocchino vs Gabriele Camboni

8)Marco Pau vs Davide Puggioni

This looks like a very promising card and a genuine attempt to do things with full rules Muay Thai. Credit goes to Mauro Serra for a card with some name fighters and a true love of Muay Thai showing through.

~ by fatsoking on November 19, 2012.

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