Smash Muay Thai 2 Updates

By Mike LNg

Alexis Rufus With belts

A late addition to the Smash Muay Thai 2 card has been announced in Alexis Rufus Vs. Kate Stables who are among the United Kingdom’s best Muay Ying.Both have been matched hard in the past and both have put in some intense training time in Thailand. Kate comes from the Bad Company gym of Leeds, UK which is the home of Lisa Houghton Smith who at this point has to be considered a legend among international Female Thaiboxers. As with typical fighters of Bad Company Kate was matched tough and matched often in her professional fight career and will definitely be looking to leave an impression in her fight against Alexis Rufus.

Alexis Rufus has collected a virtual alphabet soup of titles during her fight career including the WPMF, ISKA, IKF & WKA World Champion, WMC & ISKA European Champion, UKMF British & English Champion. Alexis is definitely among the elite of UK females in Muay Thai. Like Kate, Alexis spent a good deal of time honing her ring skills in Thailand with Kiatphontip being her choice in camp.

So far the card coming December 1st, 2012 is as follows:

Main Event – WBC Super Welterweight UK National Title

A Class FTR | Mike Egan (Next Generation) v Danny Connaughton (Lumpinee Crawley)

Mike Egan(Wales) fights out of Next generation Liverpool Under Karl Ryan and has had 24 Wins 14 Losses 1 Draw

Danny Connaughton (England) Fights out of Lumpinee Crawley Under John Jarvis and has had 18 wins 7 Losses

A Class FTR | Alexis Rufus V Kate Stables at I am guessing 53 kg
The rest of the supporting card

N Class | 88kg – Ryan Melvin (Fortitudo) V Chris Dunne (Wigan Thai Boxing)

N Class | 67kg – Ste Griffo (Fortitudo) v Josh Haselden (Majestic Gym)

C Class | 64kg – Frank Dorian (Next Generation) V Sam Plaister (Salford MT)

C Class | 51kg Sam Owens (Majestic) V Bart Tweed (Podesta MT)

C Class | 71kg – Mark Taylor (Next Generation) V Rob Hayward (Shinkick MT)

C Class | 75kg – Kev McAllister (Elite Fight Factory) V Ian McGowen (Kirkby Thai)

C Class | 62kg – Paul Hodrian (Next Generation) V Liam Nolan (Minotaurs Gym)

C Class | 57kg – Marco Dal Ferro (St Helens Thai) V Scott Corah (Shinkick MT)

B Class | 63.5kg – Terry Ferrigan (Next Generation) V Anthony McGee (Elite Fight Factory)

B Class | 60kg – Sean Kennedy (Next Generation) V James Hawksworth (Wigan Thai Boxing)

B Class |77/78kg _ Phil Burke (Michael Tobin) v Gavin Rogerson (Wigan Thai Boxing)

Officials – Jompop, Paul Crossley, Paul Beaty, Phil Shedden, Maria Chu

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