Best of Siam 2 Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Saenchai Meets Damien

The Best of Siam 2 card has completed and many changes in names and match ups have since happened since the first news of Best of Siam 2. The card featured truly among the best French and Thai current Thaiboxers. Much thanks goes to the Impacts 33 Team for the results.

The fight results as they happened are:

63 kg: Mohamed Kariche wins vs. Desty Beaubrun by points; Brian Denis had to pull out and was replaced  by Desty Beaubrun.

67 kg: Fabrice Delannon wins vs. Baghdad Karbouchi by points

72 kg: Raphael Llodra wins vs.  Wendy Annonay by doctor ‘s stoppage in Round 2.

70 kg: Dejrit Poptheeratham wins vs.  Hichem Chaibi by points.

61 kg: Saksongkhram Poptheeratham wins vs. Yetkin Ozkul  by doctor’s stoppage in the 4th round

63 kg Saenchai P.K. Saenchai Gym wins vs. Damien Alamos by points

67kg Phetsawin Seatransberry wins vs. Bobo Sacko, apparently Sacko could not answer the opening bell of the 5th round

72 kg Antoine Pinto wins vs. Farid Villaume by points

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