Muay Thai Warriors December 9th Update

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai Warriors December 9th

With Muaythai Warriors in Macau rapidly coming on the 9th of December, 2012 one change has happened on the card with Victor Nagbe of Australia replacing Andy Thrasher of the United Kingdom. Thrasher was replaced due to an injury he suffered while training.

Victor Nagbe is a name perhaps better known to Australian Muay Thai fans where he has fought in the past for the popular Evolution promotion in Australia. At 18 years old Victor made an impressive accounting for himself against Jim Irwin who he beat by split decision. Training out of the NTG camp in Brisbane, Australia Nagbe is surrounded by top tier Australian Muay Thai fighters and trainers in Soren Eminent Air NTG and Nugget McNaught. With a comparatively modest time put in training Nagbe has already had more than 15 fights but will be matched hard against Bovy Sor Udomsorn who just wrapped up a tour of duty at Japan’s Shootboxing S-Cup event.

The revised card is as follows:

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Lightweight

Michael Kiatbussaba VS.Deng Si Chi  65 kg.

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Super Featherweight

Seeoui Sorsunantachai VS.Stephen Meleady 59kg.

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Super Welterweight

Bovy Sor.Udomson VS. Victor Nagbe 69 kg.

Defending title Muaythai Warriors Welterweight

Saenchai PK Seanchai gym VS. Liam Harrison 65kg

Lakhai Orboonchoi VS. Edu Lafuente  67 kg.

Thanwalek KelaSport VS.Kamen Picken 65 kg.

Chusuan Suvit Gym VS. Arturo Lin 63.5 kg.

Petchtaood Winittanaikwam VS. Chambers Nathaniel 72 kg.

The broadcast for Muay Thai Warriors begins December 9th, 2012 Live telecast on NBT Channel from 8.30 pm – 11.00pm. Thai Time.  If you’ve not seen Victor in action you can check out the clip below of Victor fighting Keo Rumchong of Kmher.

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