Thai Boxe Mania November 24th Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Thai Boxe Mania

Thai Boxe Mania kicked off November 24th in Torino, Italy. The results are in and some odd activity happened along the way.  The results are as follows:

1. Luca Fasano wins vs. Giancarlo Mele by unanimous decision

2. Giorgio Bersani wins vs Arben Fierka by unanimous decision

3. Momo Wade wins vs. Cosimo Saracino by unainmous decision

4. Christian Zahe wins vs. Aokid Farruku by TKO/stoppage

5. Patrick Carta wins vs. Flavio Scrimali by KO

6. Alessandro Alias wins vs. Allan Gozdzicki by KO

7. Davide Longoni wins  vs Milan Dasic by KO

8. “Iron Mike” Verginelli wins vs. Ernesto Navas by KO

9. Kaoponlek wins vs. Crice Boussoukou by unanimous decision.

10. Enrico Gogohiya wins vs. Berneung by decision, apparently Bernenung threatens to stop fighting the final round.

11. Yuri Bessmertyn wins vs. Robeto Coccc by Dr’s stoppage /TKO. A cut opened on Cocco’s head due to head butt.

Much congratulations are due to Mauro Serra for promoting what looked like a well organized and well promoted event.

~ by fatsoking on November 24, 2012.

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