Thai Wars November 24th Results

By Mike LNg

Thai Wars Revised Card

As Thai Wars got closer and closer to event time the card changed radically as Prathet Sor Thanikul was unable to make an appearance due to some unforeseen issues. Because of the difficulty in finding opponents Stephen Hodgers was not a part of the Thai Wars card. As a result the main event became Brian Long vs. Alan Gannon for the Irish Welterweight Title. The card still moved on and the results are in as follows:

Irish Welterweight Title

Brian Long vs. Alan Gannon – Brian Long wins

Light Heavyweight

Myles Price vs. Gary Walsh – Gary Walsh wins


James O’Connell vs. Gurtake Singh – James O’Connell wins

Junior Middleweight

Neill Culligan vs. Rob Doyle – Rob Doyle wins

Junior Welterweight

Mike Harty Hanuman vs. Matt McKeown – Matt McKeown wins


Sean Long vs. Bartosz Ozarek – Sean Long wins


Gary Ormond vs.  Jacek Olkuski – Gary Ormond wins
Plans apparently are already being put together for a future card arriving as soon as December and hopefully with the highly regarded Stephen Hodgers’ participation this time.

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