Röschtigrabe Derby 2012 Videos

By Mike LNg

Röschtigrabe Derby 2012

October 20th, 2012 Dylan Salvador of Team Naser K produced a Saturday shock almost nobody saw coming.  Roschtigrabe, Switzerland served as host to the Muay Thai Derby event. Saiyok Pumphanmuang faced Dylan Salvador and Hongtonglek Chor. Fahpiansi faced fellow Team Naser K fighter Hakim Hamech.

Now the videos have finally come to the internet and you can see for yourself how the fights ended. All credit goes to backdra1 for the encoding and uploads of the videos.

Noé Frutiger vs. Dario Rodrigues

Basil Rakasz vs. Adrien Rizzone

Bryan Solis vs. Justin Tookey

Jovan Jovanovic vs. Nik Eichernberger

Yekalo Mengestu vs. Raphael Tavernier

Jerome Falliers vs. Armand Ngendanganya

Deborah Semeraro vs. Aicha Amarhoun

Joel Ritschard vs. Claudio Istrate

Markus Meier vs. Martino Ciano

Akim Hameche vs. Hongthonglex Chor Farpleansee

Rit Ubon vs. Morgan Adrar

Dylan Salvador Vs. Saiyok Pumpuanuang

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