For the Love of the Art

By Fatsoking

I want to introduce you to two people pursuing their interest in Muay Boran.  Anuar and Jermaine came to my attention when my friends at Boxxtomoi told me about the two of them giving a demonstration at a Z1 event.

Anuar and Jermain give a demonstration of Muay Boran

I normally don’t follow all branches of Muay Thai’s roots especially the more esoteric family tree that is Muay Boran. It seems a lot of people into Muay Boran are almost interested in Muay Boran for the sake of trying to be esoteric.

But it became evident to me that Anuar and Jermain’s love of not only Muay Boran but Muay Thai is very real and sincere. The two come from the Khairul sri Chaiya school held daily at Titiwangsa Park in Kuala Lampur, Malayasia.  It’s a fairly small and underground class.

In addition to giving Muay Boran demonstrations at Z1 events the two have volunteered their time to help events out for Muay Thai events and promotions. Much of their volunteered work included the less glamorous grunt work of flyer distributing. When asked why they give their time so freely they replied “It’s for our love to Muay Thai”

Ling Lom demonstration

Anuar and Jermaine maintain a site covering their interest in Muay Boran.  Check them out at their site

And thanks again for reading.

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~ by fatsoking on March 26, 2010.

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  1. Oh you just read my mind. I love reading it. I’m gonna tell them, someone already speak my mind. And you did that to the world. Thanks a lot…

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