Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah’ Colossa Versus Yang Zhu

By Mike LNg

Vuyisile 'The Cheetah' Colosa

Since moving to Hong Kong Vuyisile Colossa has had a very busy fight schedule.  Notably he actually beat Yodsanklai Fairtex at the Boxe-Thai Guinea tournament 2 via decision.  I was pretty surprised nonetheless to find he fought Yang Zhu in a sanda challenge match. Check out this fight against Yang Zhu from the March 29, 2010 Wu Le Feng Quarter Final match. at 70kg /154lbs. Corny sound effects and bad 90s numetal soundtrack added by Wu Li Feng production.  Definitely not my idea.

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~ by fatsoking on April 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Vuyisile ‘The Cheetah’ Colossa Versus Yang Zhu”

  1. Yang Zhuo is not a famous sanda player. Truly, I think Yang is a kicking boxer. He play sanda initally, and then study muaythai.

    Vuyisile Colossa also win the 70kg Wu Ling Feng (Semi-final),his opponent Zhou Jian Kun is a famous sanda player.

    The Final Vuyisile Colossa will VS Dong WenFei another famous sanda player.

  2. Hi, and i do not understand your words “Corny sound effects and bad 90s numetal soundtrack added by Wung Li Feng production. Definitely not my idea.”

    seem WLF like lady gaga.

    Can you tell me your opnion on it , i will past it to Wu Lin Feng Forum.

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