Nuit des Champions With Kem Sitsongpeenong

By Mike LNg

Nuit des Champions

Coming November 26th, 2010  from Marseilles, France is the Nuit des Champions. The main event for this card will feature Kem Sitsongpeenong pitted against Mabel Abdallah, coming from the same camp as Fabio Pinca with Team Nasser K.  Mabel could be very accurately considered to be among one of the elite names of the French Thaiboxing scene.

Some of you may know that Kem had also a high profile appearance scheduled for the Dutch promotion It’s Showtime, kickboxing tournament on September 12th. Shockingly Kem suffered a loss by knockout. Though it was by kickboxing rules there is no questioning the outcome though Kem was a last minute substitute on the card. Apparently, the Sitsongpeenong camp is keeping Kem’s foreseeable future dance card very full of opponents. As some of you may already know Kem has been an S1 Champion, champion of the world with WMC, and Rajadamenern stadium champion.

Also scheduled to appear on the card are  Bruce Codron versus  Samir Petit and Pace Sebastien versus Ziemnicki Przemyslaw. Codron versus Petit is billed as a revenge match for the two while Sebastien versus Przemyslaw will be a title defense for Przemyslaw’s WKN’s European championship at 72.6 kg.  Apparently there isn’t the same stigma of mixing full contact kickboxing on the card with Muay Thai in France and many fighters there hold titles both in kickboxing and in Muay Thai. And its hard to argue that France isn’t one of the most dominant nations of Muay Thai in the west. The card at this point is still being completed but as an early indicator this looks like a very good start.

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