Battle Colossal XI Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Battle Colossal XI Card

Millard “Ignition” (West Australian Thaiboxing Centre) Vs. Ray Holtham (Typhoon Freestyle Kickboxing)

Unanimous Draw

David Andrews (Country Muaythai) Vs.Sam Drake (Menace Muaythai)

David Andrews wins by Split Decision win

Jamie “The Dragon” Lunghitano (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Nick Sandiland (Alex Tui)

Jamie Lunghitano wins by Unanimous Decision

Brian “Spider” Harris (Bando) Vs. Dino Korica (Predator Muaythai).

Brian “Spider” Harris wins the WBC 67kg state title by Knockout.

Tiana “Tiger” Caverly (Mungkorn Mai) Vs. Theresa “Hurricane” Carter

Tiana wins by unanimous decision and retains her WBC National Womens 57kg title.

Chris “Ironfist” Garner (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Dusan Salva, a former student of Garner’s.

Dusan Salva wins via decision and becomes the WBC State 70kg champion.

“The Destroyer” Jason Lea Vs. Luis Regis

“The Destroyer” Jason Lea wins via decision and  retains the WBC National Title.

Oley “Smiling Assassin” Sakonpetch Vs. Juanmario Kaewsamrit

Oley Sakonpetch wins by TKO

Steve Bonner (Phon’s Gym) Vs. Mick Siebert

Steve Bonner wins via a 3rd round TKO to retain his WBC Superheavyweight National title.

~ by fatsoking on October 31, 2010.

One Response to “Battle Colossal XI Quick Results”

  1. Man I would love to see Oley v Juanmario

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