WCK Wu Lin Feng Spectacular Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Wu Lin Feng Spectacular

Some surprising endings and outcomes from this weekend’s Wu lin Feng Spectacular staged in Harrah’s of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kang En def. Ben Yelle via Unanimous Decision
Li Ning def. McIntyre via Unanimous Decision
Andy Kapel def. Guo Qiang via Split Decision
Hong Guang def. Jack Thames via TKO in Rd.2
Wang Hongxiang def. Heath Harris via TKO in Rd.1
Shane Oblonsky def. Xu Yan via Unanimous Decision
Lin Shuai def. Alfred Khashakyan via Unanimous Decision
Tiffany vanSoest and Wang Cong fight to a Draw
Adrien Grotte def. Yi Long via KO in Rd.2

This makes the Wu Lin Feng of China the night’s leader’s in victories with a 5-3 final score with 1 draw between the two opposing teams. Shockingly Oblonsky took home a win against Xu Yan who has in the past compiled a 1-1 record in K-1 MAX and recently beat Malaipet Sitraprom. Would it have made a big difference had full rules Muay thai been allowed?

This event marks the final 2010 event for WCK Muay Thai.  In a public statement WCK Muay Thai has said the following was the reason:

“Due to a several main-event fighter injuries we decided to postpone the December 11th WCK show until the first quarter of the next year. We wish all fighters quick recovery; we look forward to seeing you in the ring, and fans in the audience!”

~ by fatsoking on November 14, 2010.

One Response to “WCK Wu Lin Feng Spectacular Quick Results”

  1. Holy shit, china brought it.

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