Enfusion 3: Trial of Gladiators Line Up Announced

By Mike LNg

Enfusion Final 3

The Finale for Enfusion 3 in Slovenia is rapidly approaching it’s December 2nd date and it won’t be long before the fights to determine the winner of the $40,000 prize begin. This time the rules will be K-1 for the tournament but Muay Thai rules for the opening bouts.

For this tournament the weight for the male tournament is 85 kilograms. Initially there were 18 fighters, but there are now only four remaining from the Ohrid amphitheater bouts and moving on to the grand finale. The event will take place in Ljubljana’s  Tivoli Hall. In the men’s finals are Sahak Hak Parparyan, Andrew Tate, Ritchie Hawking and Franci Grajs. The 4 will face off in semi-finals and then the subsequent winners will fight in a final fight to decide the 85kg winner of the tournament.

The opening matches are under Muay Thai rules featuring the following with fighters with as yet to be named opponents.

Mirko Vorkapić vs. Zradni Mourad 70 kg

Grega Smole vs. Miljan Vidović 75 kg

Tadej Toplak vs. Cheick Sidibe 86 kg

The women of Enfusion will be in a tournament as well with a similar 4 fighter format as the men’s tournament.  This is the announced order of the fights and the match ups.

1st Chajmaa Bellakhal (Mar) vs Lucy Payne (ENG)

2nd Denise Kielholtz (NZ) vs. Lindsay Scheer (USA)

3rd Andrew Tate (USA) vs. Ritchie Hocking (SC)

4th Franci Grajš (SLO) vs. Sahak Parparyan (ARM)

5th Wendell Roche (NZ) vs Jasmin Bećirović (GB) * prestige fight

6th Women’s final

7th Men’s final

Enfusion’s production team have also shared a video interview with Tadej Toplak as the date for the Enfusion finale draws closer.

~ by fatsoking on November 16, 2012.

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