Thai Boxe Mania November 24th

By Mike LNg

Thai Boxe Mania

I’ve been watching this particular card develop for a while in Italy and it looks like the card has solidified into its final form. I like that the card is genuinely an international affair. But most interesting to me is the entree of Berneung Top King Boxing. Berneung has been busy internationally and recently fought Tobias Alexandersson in a close but losing effort. Berneung has also been a regular on Thai Fight.  He’s an entertaining fighter who seldom lets his opponents off the hook once he has them hurt, which is often.


It’s good to see Berneung active in Muay Thai after a brief time period he spent, believe it or not, doing mixed martial arts during his tenure at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket and actually has apparent good aptitude for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. His Muay Thai career is a long and decorated one with 100s of fights to his record. Berneung has also held the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and Rajadamnern stadium titles. Though it should be noted this match is under Modified Muay Thai rules with no elbows and only 5 seconds allowed in the clinch.

Berneung got his passage on to Thai Boxe Mania when the originally scheduled opponent Warren Stevelmans reportedly chose not to fight when his opponent pulled out of the event. Now Berneung is matched against the dangerous rising star Ukrainian,  Enrike Gogohiya. Gogohiya became a European Junior Champion at just 14 years old. Gogohiya may have less experience and has fought mostly in K-1 rules matches but it was with a whole lot of stoppages along the way. He hits hard and likes ripping low kicks to opponents’ legs. Probably his best know fight was against Mike Zambidis which ultimately proved to be a losing effort.

Enrike Gogohiya

The rest of the fighters on the card are described by the graphics below:

Liam Harrison


Michele Verginelli

Yuri Bessmertny

Roberto Cocco

I am looking forward to this one and the graphics really summarize better than I could write what the fighters have accomplished and what kind of fights one can expect to see from Thai Boxe Mania.

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